Buffalo TeraStation 5400 Review

While Buffalo has never really been at the top of my list, I definitely have to reconsider.  The 5400 is quite the NAS.  Even though it isn’t decked out like other NAS, Buffalo gives you what you need… and then some more of what you didn’t realize you needed.

Many consumers have XFS on their wish list for some popular NAS makers, but it doesn’t seem like many want to deliver.  Although XFS has its limitations, it has been handling large partitions for years. As far as features go… meh, it has all the primary functions, but lacks things like Plex Media Server and XBMC.  Much like Lacie, this NAS is primarily meant to serve up files.  When it comes to serving those files up, the 5400 holds its own.   The other stuff is just extra cheese on your pizza.  However, no feature tops the Buffalo Fail over.

When you add it all up, having all the basic features and a speedy network appliance is all you can really hope for.  When you start considering how easy this NAS is to set up and that it has true fail over, I don’t know if all the other applications really matter.  This NAS is well made, well designed, and deserves your attention.

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Review Overview

Performance - 9
Features - 8.5
Ease of use - 10
Design - 10
Value - 7


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Buffalo TeraStation 5400 is an excellent NAS that delivers on speed, ease of use, and features.

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User Rating: 1.82 ( 15 votes)

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